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Sun, 13 Oct 2019 09:00:00 GMT+08 ~ Sun, 13 Oct 2019 19:00:00 GMT+08
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On October 13, 2019, the Indian consulate general and Guangzhou Parma eco valley will jointly organize "Mahatma Gandhi's 150th birthday celebrations - vegetarian festival" activities, in memory of the leader of India's most influential life and his time, and to advocate vegetarianism and green low carbon life, to promote the harmonious development of the world and make progress together.

The festival will feature a variety of activities, including ayurvedic vegetarian lectures, Indian vegetarian lunch, Sanskrit concerts and traditional Indian dances,taichi and guqin performance.

Ayurvedic vegetarian lecture - vegetarianism as part of the ahimsa dogma is deeply rooted in the culture and religion of India, first seen in the vedic scriptures. Nowadays, we live in a secular society where vegetarianism is highly respected as a spontaneous choice, and more and more young people who love health are embracing vegetarianism and subtraction. People no longer associate it with morality, but use it more to pursue their own accepted ideals.

Speaker: Dr. Dane (India). Graduated from Ayurvedic medical school, now studying in master of psychology in University of Igna, with over 10 years of Ayurvedic clinical experience, specializing in the management of various chronic diseases.
主讲:Dr. Dane(印度)。毕业于阿育吠陀医学院,伊格纳大学心理学硕士(在读),拥有超过10年的阿育吠陀临床经验,擅长各类慢性疾病的调理。

Indian Sadya - taste a country's dishes, not only to satisfy the appetite, but also to learn more about the country's cultural customs and lifestyle. Although Indians have begun to eat with knives and forks on many formal occasions, they are still used to eating with their hands in private. "Sadya" has long been an Indian custom.


Chinese Taiji and Guqin Performances - Taiji is a perfect combination of Chinese traditional dialectical theoretical thinking with martial arts, art, guidance, and Chinese medicine. It takes the Taiji and Yinyang dialectical philosophy in traditional Chinese Confucianism and Taoism as the core ideas.and integrates various functions such as temperaments, physical fitness, skills and confrontations, which is a high-level human culture. The Chinese Guqin is one of the oldest plucked instruments in the world. It is mainly pronounced by strings and wooden resonators. It has been more than 3,000 years old.


Traditional Indian dance&Indian Music - Indian classical dance has a long history. For indians, dance is not only an art, but also has a religious meaning. The classical dance originated from the unselfish love for god. The dancers show and interpret everything in the religious story through their gestures, eyes, expressions and bodies. Indian Music - The origin of music is hidden in the beautiful myth of music creators. Indian music is believed to have originated from Veda. The holy man who was created by the god shiva and who imparts music to the people of India is called Rishi. Rishi Narada, good at playing the wiener and singing hymns. According to legend, Rishi's music technique and the establishment of the Indian music were inspired by the all-wise god Vishnu.

印度传统舞蹈、乐器表演——印度古典舞历史悠久,对印度人来说,舞蹈不仅是艺术,更有宗教的含义。古典舞源自对神无比虔诚洁净无私的爱,舞者藉由手势、眼神、表情、身体表现和诠释宗教故事中的万事万物。印度音乐的起源是隐藏在音乐创作者美丽的神话之中一般相信是源自吠陀(Veda)由湿婆神所创,传授音乐给印度人的圣者称李习(Rishi)。李习拿拉达(Rishi Narada)、善弹维纳琴,唱圣歌。相传李习的音乐技巧和印度音乐的建立,是受到全智神维希奴(Vishnu) 所感召的。

China and India are the two largest developing countries in the world. China and India enjoy a long history of exchanges and profound friendship, which is an important chapter in the history of human civilization. Gandhi once said, "China and India are friends sharing weal and woe." The cultures of China and India add radiance to each other, showing the diversity of cultural and people-to-people exchanges between the two countries. At the same time, the two countries have built a cultural bridge of people-to-people exchanges and cooperation. "Gandhi 150th birthday celebration - vegetarian culture festival", look forward to your participation!







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