Unity Labs Hackathon | 联合实验区块链黑客松 广州 2019

Sat, 21 Sep 2019 14:00:00 GMT ~ Sun, 22 Sep 2019 14:00:00 GMT
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Unity Labs


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                                      Unity Labs Hackathon



24小时可以做很多不平凡的事情,而黑客松 (Hackathon) 就是有一群有想法的人聚集一起将创意变成现实的大狂欢!

What can you do within 24 hours?

Come to the hackathon to participate in the challenge and showcase your creativity and technology!

24 hours can do a lot of extraordinary things, and Hackathon is a big carnival where a group of people with ideas come together to turn ideas into reality!


Through the hackathon, participants can not only learn new skills and make new friends, improve their communication and teamwork skills, but also turn creative ideas into reality and complete the process from “0 to 1”. Participants can also earn recognition and rewards for their product prototypes.

本次活动的主办方Unity Labs致力于推动区块链社区的发展。Unity Labs适应任何技术挑战,并持续发展成为大型组织,高质高效处理任何项目的能力,可以协助寻求帮助的组织取得成功。

As the organizer of this event, Unity Labs is committed to promoting the development of the blockchain community. Unity Labs adapts to any technical challenge and continues to evolve into a large organization that is capable of handling any project with high quality and efficiency and can assist organizations seeking help to succeed.

合作方SegmentFault 思否 ( sifou.com ) 是中国领先的开发者社区目前已经覆盖和服务了超过 300 万开发者。同时思否团队也是中国区最大的黑客马拉松 Hackathon 组织者。

Partner SegmentFault (sifou.com) is China's leading developer community currently covering and serving more than 3 million developers. It is also the largest hackathon organizer in China.


The event is based on the "blockchain technology and related knowledge, explore more blockchain applications" as the theme of the hackathon, will be held in Guangzhou from September 21 to 22, this is a competition you should not miss!


There are many determinants of whether technology can survive in the end, but it is critical to find the right application.


With the blockchain as the theme, the contest team can develop blockchain applications based on blockchain technology and mature development platforms, and we will also join multiple partners. In addition, the participating teams can develop innovative applications and products that serve the blockchain ecosystem.

Who can participate?
We welcome all talented people with different backgrounds, expertise, and ideas. As well as the blockchain technology, that is, curious and interested participants, join the infinite possibilities of exploring blockchain technology.

What is the form of participation?
Participants from different backgrounds, through 24-hour non-stop creation, present interesting prototypes, and solutions for their interesting topics and technologies.


Is hackathon charged?

The hackathon is free for everyone to participate.



Activity benefits?
Free beers and food provided by Bandidos

比赛时间:2019 年 9月 21 日 下午 14:00-- 9月 22 日 下午 14:00
比赛地点:广州-天河区-未来社(天河区天寿路 35)

Competition time: September 21, 2019, 14:00-- September 22, 14:00 pm

Venue: Uhub, NO.35 Tianshou Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou







   Organizer's speech


       Introduce hackathon rules. Establish project cooperation teams

    and introduce the project created by each team

    Project development

      Free beers and food provided 

    Project development

      Free beers and food provided 

   Project presentation

        Project review and organizer's speech



详情可咨询: 微信947241655

合作请联系: 微信947241655

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